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Spyware Doctor by PC Tools

PC Tools introduced Spyware Doctor antivirus software for Microsoft Windows which is easy to use and effectively detects and removes spyware and adware from your Computers. This is user friendly software and its main screen and controls are well-designed, allowing easy navigation. You can find important features like Scanning, Immunization, and Active Protection with easy with it.

When tested against spyware and adware this software usually detects and heals most of them but not all of them thus making it an above-average antispyware program. This software is also effective in preventing spyware and malware from being installed on your computers. While detecting and healing spyware and adware this software doesn't take up resources and affect your computer.

Though this program requires a little more power to run effectively but it scans relatively quickly but not as fast as other top products. To save time you can use the scheduler and run your scans when you don't need to use the computer. The support options for Spyware Doctor including a built-in help application, email support and a FAQs page on its website. Spyware Doctor is not free, but a free scan version is offered. An alternative to removing the spyware is to use the free version to find where the spyware is located and then manually remove it.
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