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Simple Security Procedures

Several options are available to lessen a computers exposure to viruses and spyware. The challenge is to adopt, enforce, and consistently update procedures to evolve with the ever-changing security landscape. One method by which you can inexpensively lessen its vulnerability is through enforcing internal processes and procedure. Observing a few simple security procedures will go along way in safeguarding computers.

First of all install a proactive software package and develop internal procedures for timely updates and monitoring. For instance, by creating an internal Standard Operating Procedure all users should leave laptops operating on the evening of the weekly maintenance window. This allows the computers to be easily available for scan and patch updates, especially in companies.

Secondly, create a standard requirement regarding the viewing pane of incoming e-mail. Some products automatically open and read e-mail when the viewing pane is set to show the e-mail content. Some experts believe this allows an infected e-mail to be opened automatically, exposing the recipient to threat.

Thirdly, observe simple standards that allow passwords to be automatically changed every 90 days, or sooner. This practice mitigates potential identity theft and provides a tighter lockdown on electronic data.

Finally, consider an internal Standard Operating Procedure and corresponding technical setup that prevents the user from accepting cookies during Internet surfing on shared equipment.

Industry-standards organizations offer a set of basic standards to implement, and thereby lessen, potential threats. Any organization, large or small, can voluntarily adopt such best practices and improve security.
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