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Tips to remember while Downloading KaZaA

1. The first and the most important thing to remember while downloading KaZaA is to download it directly from If you have downloaded it from other sites then the risk of getting viruses and spywares multiplies.

2. All the files which you download through KaZaA originate from other users because of this the chances of downloading viruses and spywares increases. To counter this problem you must always try to download files that are legal.

3. Special caution is to be exercised while sharing files with other users as they can get access to your confidential documents. That's why you must always share the shared folder with other users. This helps a lot as it doesn't allows access to other information on your computer.

4. Music, video, and picture files are generally safe - that includes files with the extensions .mp3, .vaw, .mpg, .avi, .mov, .bmp and .jpg. PDF documents (.pdf) and text files (.txt) are also in general safe. You should be cautious of executable files (.exe) and Microsoft Word and Excel documents (.doc and .xls).

5. While downloading zip files make sure to scan each and every file with anti-virus program before installing.

6. Latest version of KaZaA v2 and late versions have in built BullGuard virus protection programs to help filter your search results.

7. Always turn on your virus filter and the easy step to do it is as follows. Go to Tools > Options > Filter and check the 'Filter file types that can potentially contain viruses' box under 'Miscellaneous'. This will prevent the following file types appearing in search results: .EXE, .SCR, .LNK, .BAT, .VBS, .COM, .DLL, .BIN and .CMD.

8. Moreover, you must exercise caution whenever you download or receive files and the best way to defend against viruses is to regularly update your anti-virus software which we presume have been downloaded directly from the software's site.

Note: - These are some of the important tips to be remembered to have a risk free PC and even after this you are having some virus related problems you must contact an expert.
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