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All about Panda Antivirus Pro

The latest Panda Antivirus Pro from the staple of Panda is loaded with various user-friendly features and is highly capable of effectively disinfecting and removing all sorts of worms, viruses and Trojans as well as effected files and e-mails from any PC or laptop. Though this application doesn’t feature amongst the category of the best in the market, but certainly is a very good one.

The entire software is loaded with several advanced features and tools that you expect form such kind of software for keeping your computer safe without fearing about any type of virus being present in it. The new and advances features that have been provided with it, certainly makes it worth considering. As said earlier, this application doesn’t have the latest features that are provided in others but still it has been powered with enough features that are sufficient to keep you PC running smoothly and safely.

With the help of this application your computer gets enough protection and can easily detect any sort of spyware, rootkits, dialers, hacking tools and similar programs that has a potential to harm any computer. It is loaded with the TruPrevent technology that is especially designed to detect a wide ranging and unknown malicious codes. In the latest version the new added features include home networking manager, virtual keyboard, gaming mode and secure virtual browser. With all the latest features it provides more than sufficient protection to any computer.

Due to the personal firewall and scripts blocking capability that has been provided with this software, it helps in making your system entirely immune to any type of malicious actions be it from viruses as well as from hackers. The system is capable of being updated on a daily basis and once you install it you will be rest assured that your system is completely safe and secure from all sorts of viruses, threats and dangers that are affecting millions of computers on a daily basis.

To provide multi levels of protection to your home or office system, it uses different combinations of security measures. With the help of the TruPrevent technology that has been a part of this application for several years, Panda antivirus provides your system with proactive behavioral scanning and heuristics.

The overall effectiveness of this software can easily be gauged from the fact that it has been able to earn checkmark certification from West Coast Labs. The requirements that are necessary to get an ICSA certificate has also been met by this software. The up-to-date security technology such as the advanced heuristic detection and firewall that has been provided with it makes it very much effective in protecting any instrument. This application is also capable of monitoring the wireless network and if it detects any threats can easily prevent any intrusion.

To make it more effective and user-friendly, the Panda Antivirus is easy to install and only requires a few minutes to completely install and even doesn’t even require a system reboot. When the software is not running a scanning program, it doesn’t interferer with the programs that are running and requires only 5MB space to store in the hard disc. The latest version is definitely a better version as compare to the previous ones with its scanning speed being at par with that of the best in the industry.

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